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Message from Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt & Pt. Shubhen Chatterjee

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Thanks for Celebrating India's 75th Year of Independence @ PGF 2022! 

Last Day Visarjan Procession Invite !

Humbly Inviting all 17 Grand Sponsors and 4  Core Team Leaders of Festival with their families today evening, as a representatives of 100+ volunteers, Mr. Vikrant Kamble, Chandramouli Raghuram, Jayessh Parmar and Adwait Palsule, to receive the felicitation for outstanding Financial Support and Volunteer Work. Your Sewa to Lord Ganesha has been appreacited by entire community.


Inviting also Shri Ravi Indrakanti & family as an one of the Outstanding Volunteer of PGF 2022 who worked with dedication, compassion and practiced the spirit & mission of Ganesh Festival in truest sense to receive a felicitation today evening !

Let's all join today evening to give our grateful farewell to Lord Ganesha and seek his yearlong blessings for us, our community, our nation and our holyland, Bharat.


Please join on Saturday and Sunday 10am -5pm to help do post-festival cleanup as one last act of selfless sewa at HIS LOTUS FEET. Please donate your Wargani TODAY if you have not contributed yet. Please visit this link for donation.


Please continue to participate in other festivals of Bharatiya Temple like Navaratri & Diwali. Dhanyawaad !

In Service of Lord Ganesha...

Yours truly,

Nand Todi - Founder & President of Bharatiya Temple

Mukund Kute - PGF Chair



Support A Child  Program For Lord Ganesha...

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