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Message from Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt & Pt. Shubhen Chatterjee

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Festival Leader's Message

Pt. Suresh & Padma Ji Wadkar's Message

Festival Priest's Message

Shahir Nandesh Umap's Hindi & Marathi Message


Dedicating this year's Ganesh Festival to India's 75th Year of Independence! 

Call For Participation in Ganesh Festival 2022. 
Thanks for about 15 Grand Sponsors, 100+ Volunteers and 1000s of donors, we are all set to welcome Lord Ganesha again among us and offer our SEWA to each and every Ganesh Devotee. 


There are multiple opportunities to offer your Sewa at HIS feet, and a few such opportunities for your awareness are mentioned below.

  1. Set up Commercial & Food Vendor Stalls in the 3-Day IndiaFest: Our very popular outdoor 3-day India Fest & Mudra Dance event will be celebrated at Bharatiya Temple campus on Sept 3rd,4th & 5th. We expect around 3000-4000 visitors during these 3 days and are organizing big-ticket Cultural programs during the IndiaFest. 

    1. Commercial Vendor Stalls:  We are making available Vendor Tables/Stalls in a large shared tent, separate tents for renting - which you can use to sell ethnic clothing, Jewelry, Professional Services like Real Estate Purchase, Family & Estate Law, Insurance, Banking, Books, Wall art, Decoration items, Mehandi/Heena painting, etc. Rental Form for booths/stalls/tables can be found here: Commercial Vendor Stalls  Deadline is July 30th, 2022 

    2. Food Vendor Stalls:  This year there is ZERO rent for Food Stalls. Our goal is to reduce the Rental risk for vendors, encourage smaller vendors and catering providers who can offer a top quality specialized snacks representing various states of India. Festival will sell Food tokens at a central place and vendors will receive a mutually agreed % share from the sale, after they present the tickets collected. Form for Food Stall Space Allocation can be found here: Food Vendor Stalls Form Deadline is July 15th, 2022

  2. Roti Donation for  Mahaprasad: Festival ordered Roti Machine from India but it got stuck in transit due to supply chain freight issues. As a Plan B, we are seeking donations for Roties in Mahaprasad. Festival needs close to 15000-16000 roties to be served over 11-days of festivities. For signup please send an email to 

  3. Artist Hosting Help: Just as Lord Ganesh is coming to our lives every year, so do more than 15 artists groups as out Atithi (Guests) who are no less than Bhagwaan per our Hindu Philosophy. Please open your heart and homes to host these artists for 2-3 days and help the festival offer them hospitality that they deserve. Email to

  4. Perform Sangeet Sewa, Nritya Sewa in Deity Hall: Interested students can send email to by Aug 20, 2022

Daily 5pm-5:30pm: Young students of Indian classical music and/or classical dance forms are invited to offer Bhajan, Kirthan, Sangeet Sewa and Nritya Sewa to Lord Ganesha, in the main temple hall on 2nd floor on select days, as a group. 

Daily Avadharya During Rajopchar: On each day, we also offer one 3-4 minute solo slot for Nritya/Sangeet Avadharya during Rajopchar Puja.

Please continue to visit this website for weekly updates from now onwards. 
Vikrant Kamble, Chandra Chandramouli, Jayesh Parmar, Adwait Palsule
-PGF Core Team 


Support A Child  Program For Lord Ganesha...

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