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There are many ways to PARTICIPATE in this public Festival. We are all-inclusive Hindu Festival. Welcome to the Philadelphia Ganesh Festival. Please join and be a part of the unifying mission of PGF !

Adding Children's Ganesh Puja This year for 5+ till 18 year Children.

(1) One can become Major Sponsors/Donors. 

(2) One can sign up as a volunteer to help in few tasks. 

(3) As a  group, Cook and Serve Mahaprasad for a day, as a Housing Community, Devotional Group or Association

(4) A a group, Manage Vehicles Parking for a day, as a Home Community, Devotional Group or Association

(5) Advertise in Festival's Brochure, mailed to 3000 homes

(6) Participate in Young Star Concert or Mudra Dance Festival

(7) Set up Food Stall in outdoor IndiaFest on weekend

(8) Set up Merchandize, Services selling Vendor Stall in IndiaFest on weekend

(9) Participate in Procession Dances in 1st Day Arrival & Last Day Visarjan Procession,

(10) Participate and perform daily evening Sangeet & Nritya Sewa & Avadharya

(11) Host the Guest Artists coming from outside Philly for 1-3 nights and offer your hospitality to Atithis. email to

Click on the buttons below to get information on participation. Email to us for more info: 

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